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Why It’s Important To Stay Active In The Workplace


Dec 13, 2018

Approximately 23 percent of Americans say that they don’t get regular physical activity outside of their jobs. If you’re on your feet and moving your body as part of your occupation, you might get enough exercise. However, most office workers …

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Tips To Keep Your Workspace Organized


Dec 13, 2018

Productive office managers and employees understand the importance of well-organized offices in today’s competitive business climate. Regardless of the nature of your work, decluttered offices will surely boost efficiency. If you feel like your disheveled work space is holding you …

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Why These NYC Office Layouts Are Things of the Past


Nov 20, 2018

Spaces like offices naturally take diverse forms. People might still argue about which commercial business furniture suits workplaces best; however, it’s an indisputable fact that humanity likes things new and improved. Your employees expect more convenient, flexible office arrangements than …

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Update Your Old Business Furniture With Office Design Services

Interior Design for Office Lounge - CBF Retrospect Modular 5

Nov 18, 2018

If you run or manage an office and want to take your results to new heights as soon as possible, you have come to the right place. Although you might be tempted to overlook the layout of your office, it …

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The Office Cubicle is Making a Comeback: Here are the Advantages

Mack-Cali - 650 From Rd. Paramus NJ

Nov 16, 2018

In recent years, offices around the globe have been moving away from cubicles and toward open-space workstations for several reasons. Using an open-space design comes with many benefits you don’t want to overlook if you value your long-term results. Even …

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Judging Privacy and Personal Space in the Workplace


Nov 14, 2018

New York’s costly real estate means that employers have to juggle many demands. Talented employees value privacy, but office floor space comes at a definite cost. Employers have to give their corporate team members room to stretch out and not …

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Doing More With Commercial Spaces and Office Design in New York City


Nov 12, 2018

Running an office is a mission in multitasking. Chief among the responsibilities that building managers and business leaders have to juggle is the need to do more using less space. Constantly plagued by the prospect of insufficient square footage and …

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Create a Unique Space with Office Furniture Design Services


Nov 10, 2018

If you are moving to a new office or want to enhance the one you already have, choosing the right layout is a vital piece to the puzzle. The look and feel of your office can affect your team in …

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The Pros & Cons of Open Office Floor Plans


Nov 08, 2018

The open office floor plan dates back to the days of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Larkin Administration Building, which opened in Buffalo, New York, in 1906. The building was designed much like a factory, with few walls. Managers’ offices lined large …

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5 Ways the Work Environment Has Evolved


Nov 08, 2018

Many companies that want to change the world know that their work environment plays a huge role in the success of their business. Office designs, layouts, and atmospheres can all affect the way employees work and collaborate. As standards in …

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