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Tips for Finding the Best Furniture for Your Office

computer on desk

May 30, 2017

For many business owners, furnishing a new office can seem like a costly and time consuming process that distracts from more important day to day tasks. However, choosing the right commercial office furniture can significantly enhance worker productivity over the …

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Trend Ideas for Your Industrial Office Design

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May 25, 2017

The design and aesthetics of your office will ultimately determine the quality of the space and how much you enjoy working in the setting. The office furniture that you use will determine the appeal of the office and can set …

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3 Office Furniture Staple Pieces

extra office interiors open plan

May 23, 2017

An office should project professionalism and innovation as well as serving you, the person working there, efficiently. When it comes to office furniture, think about how it works together to create a cohesive workspace and pleasant environment. Choose furniture that …

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Office Workstation Ideas for Small Spaces

work desk

May 18, 2017

To get the most from the time we spend at our workstations, they should be organized, pleasant, and mentally stimulating. They should feel open and engaging, but how do you create this in a small space? So many New York …

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Trendy Desk Ideas For Your Business


May 16, 2017

When working in an office, you want a desk that evokes inspiration, innovation and productivity. The tips listed here will help you make your desk stylish and amazing. From indoor plants to motivational posters, you have all the keys to …

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5 Conference Room Design Mistakes

conference room

May 12, 2017

Having a comfortable space for professionals to meet, converse and share ideas is a concern that no business can afford to overlook. Designing a more attractive and comfortable conference room and investing in more stylish commercial office furniture ensures that …

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How to Find the Best Layout for Your Office Furniture


Apr 04, 2017

Whether you are furnishing your brand new startup office or renovating your seasoned company with new furniture, you need to settle on a layout that will bolster mobility and maximize productivity within the space. Before determining which commercial office furniture …

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Tips to Setup Your Private Office


Mar 30, 2017

The layout and design of any office ultimately determines how comfortable you feel in the space. When arranging the room, it’s important to make everything functional to increase your productivity. When you’re setting up your private office, there are a …

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6 Ergonomic Tips for Your Office Workstations

office desk

Mar 29, 2017

Many people spend a significant part of their day sitting down at a computer. Although it’s common to have a sedentary lifestyle at the office, the position of the workstation and the computer can lead to different health effects over …

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How Furniture Color Affects Staff Productivity


Mar 28, 2017

Are you familiar with chromology? It’s a fascinating science! Studies show how different hues affect our minds, bodies, and attitudes. Certain colors enhance productivity while others diminish it. Let’s tour the rainbow, learning which colors are most advantageous. Serene Blue …

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