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How Furniture Color Affects Staff Productivity


Mar 28, 2017

Are you familiar with chromology? It’s a fascinating science! Studies show how different hues affect our minds, bodies, and attitudes. Certain colors enhance productivity while others diminish it. Let’s tour the rainbow, learning which colors are most advantageous. Serene Blue …

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4 Advantages of Using Glass Walls in Offices

glass wall

Mar 23, 2017

Would you like to give your office a facelift? Glass partitions can make all the difference. Rising in popularity, they bring a polished look to the workplace. Here are four ways your firm will benefit by installing glass walls. Glass …

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4 Ways to Arrange Business and Office Furniture

office layout

Mar 21, 2017

Designing your office layout is a fun endeavor! The ideal floor plan maximizes efficiency and productivity. As an extension of your brand, it portrays your company’s image. Thoughtful arrangement of your office furniture creates successful layouts. Here are four popular …

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Improve Company Morale With Quality Furniture

two people standing

Mar 16, 2017

Enhance Productivity With Strong Company Morale Does your enterprise enjoy strong company morale? Today a growing number of businesses in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic appreciate the power of a great office design firm to help boost productivity by helping create …

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Improve Your Office Feng Shui with Glass Office Walls

glass walls

Mar 09, 2017

Naturally, we would want our office space to be pleasant, boost our mood and keep us enthusiastic throughout our workday, and the way to do this is through being mindful of Feng Shui. Having glass office walls can be a …

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Choosing Quality Office Furniture – What to Look For & What to Avoid

office chair

Mar 07, 2017

Creating and maintaining a workplace environment that is comfortable, stylish and professional in appearance is never a concern that should be left to chance. Finding the best quality selection of commercial office furniture ensures that businesses are able to make …

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How to Change Your Office Design with the Seasons

spring flowers

Mar 02, 2017

Your choice of commercial business furniture will have a lot do with determining how you can change your office design with the seasons. In New York City, you have the enjoyment of experiencing the four seasons in all their splendor. …

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Tips for Moving Your Commercial Office Out of State


Dec 29, 2016

Moving your business from one state to another can be extremely overwhelming, however, these 7 tips will help make the transition smooth, and ensure continued productivity during this hectic time. Start Planning Well Ahead of Time When relocating a commercial …

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5 NYC Office Design Trends that are Here to Stay

office design

Dec 27, 2016

The design and aesthetics of offices determine their appeal and the level of comfort that is available. New York City is known to be a trendsetter when it comes to design trends that continue to evolve. For those looking to …

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How Office Design in New York Differs from California

New York

Dec 22, 2016

Office design is something that many professionals and business owners may not think is a big deal. However, for many professions, it can be one of the most important parts of a productive work day. When inviting clients into your …

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