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In the current economic environment it no longer practical for designers to invest the extra time and effort of developing a bid spec, requesting and reviewing proposals, coordinating showroom tours, negotiating discounts and terms. These practices have become cost prohibited.

In response to these challenges, EOI has developed a fully integrated “end-to-end” solution. Providing a complete and “green” office interior involves more than just the furniture and walls.

EOI is partnered with a group of professional service providers including, furniture installers, cable installers, electricians, flooring installers and moving companies to help with all your clients’ project requirements.

Now you can focus more attention on the creative process and less time on the mundane process of budgeting, and managing multiple product and service providers!

A Program that Offers True Design Flexibility

The EOI Completely Furnished Office program provides true design flexibility to architects and designers by combining a comprehensive product lineup with an integrated, “all-in” approach to the tenant improvement process.

The EOI program offers a proven solution to control costs, compress timelines and provide architects and designers with scalable product solutions that work across a vast array of interior fit outs.

Your success depends on the skillful, creative, and effective use of your time. The EOI Complete Office program is a streamlined and flexible approach to servicing both tenant and landlord projects that enables architects and designers to provide beautiful and cost effective solutions to their clients.

Good Design on a Budget

Declining client budgets and TI allowances have taken their toll on FFE expenditures. Furnishing choices once driven by quality and design features, have been reduced to featureless, low quality solutions, or worse used furniture that no longer meets the needs of the modern workplace.

To help reduce cost, EOI was the first in the industry to utilize lean manufacturing practices and supply chain management allowing us to provide high quality products at a substantially lower price. In addition, our sustainable integrated approach to interiors means that our movable walls, glass, systems furniture, flooring, and plug-and-play cabling can be easily “ re-purposed” for the next tenant at a fraction of the cost of conventional construction.
EOI’s industry-best products and award winning designs offer state-of-the-art features and unsurpassed quality up to now only available on much more expensive systems. All of our products are fully warranted against defects in workmanship and materials, and our walls and systems furniture come with a ten year non obsolescence warranty.

Best of all this can be done within a standard Tenant Improvement allowance. Now you can confidently take on more projects and never worry about budgets again!


Architectural Products that Support Environmental Sustainability

Construction debris now represents more than 30% of landfill by volume and this amount is increasing at an alarming rate. Architects and designers were among the first to express their concerns about wasteful industry practices, and promote the benefit of designing and implementing environmentally sustainable space.

Architectural products and office furniture have come a long way in this regard spawning an entire industry for modular architectural interiors. Unfortunately, these products are very expensive and the prospect of designing “Environmentally Friendly” spaces that fall within most client budgets can be a challenge.

In response to this important challenge, EOI has embraced a new concept called “collaborative consumption.” The foundation of our program is the sustainable turnkey approach to office interiors. Our movable walls, glass, systems furniture, flooring, and plug-and-play cabling can be easily “ re-purposed” for the next tenant at a fraction of the cost conventional construction. Best of all most projects can be done within the TI allowance.

MAI adheres to the cradle-to-cradle life-cycle philosophy, vital to true sustainability. Acoustical panels are filled with 100% post-consumer P.E.T., made from recycled soda bottles. Our furniture products qualify for LEED® credits and are GREENGUARD® certified.

Now you can design beautiful, functional spaces that are sustainable and affordable!

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