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Reduce Your Office Space Cost

Building out and furnishing office space is one of the largest expenses that a tenant or business owner will incur. Several factors contributing to this include increasing worldwide demand for construction materials, rising energy and transportation costs, and recent increases in global construction activity.

To help reduce costs, EOI has created the Completely Furnished Office for About $20/ft2…Installed!™ Our modular architectural interiors approach allows you to reduce costs on average 38% over conventional construction and furnishings. In addition, our moveable walls, glass walls, systems furniture, flooring, and plug-and-play cabling can be easily reconfigured at a fraction of the cost conventional construction. Recent legislation also allows businesses to write off 100% of your purchase in the first year.

The process starts with a simple but critical space plan incorporating our cost effective, modular architectural interior solution. Next we work with your broker to help negotiate a Tenant Improvement allowance based on a “warm shell” empty space. Then we take your newly leased empty space and convert it into a completely furnished work environment that includes our moveable walls, glass walls, systems furniture, plug-and-play cabling, and flooring. And all of this can usually be done within the TI allowance.

It’s like getting the landlord to pay for your new furniture and equipment!

Take the Hassle Out of Moving

For most business owners, choosing the right size space, negotiating lease terms, space planning, moving existing furniture and equipment can be daunting. Although there is great focus on accomplishing projects on time and on budget, most projects results in delays and costs that are higher than estimated.

To help simplify the process, EOI has developed a turnkey solution, the Completely Furnished Office for About $20/ft2…Installed!™, that addresses every aspect of your move. Providing a complete and “green” office interior involves more than just the furniture and walls. EOI is partnered with a group of professional service providers including local architects, cable installers, electricians, flooring installers and moving companies to help with all your project requirements.

We take your newly leased empty space and convert it into a fully finished office space that includes our moveable walls, glass walls, systems furniture, plug-and-play cabling, and flooring. Finally, a true start to finish turnkey solution!

Time is Definitely Money

The dirty little secret of relocating a business are the costs of delays. Excessive regulation and requirements for permits are one reason; others are the complexity of projects, complicated schedules, and hair-splitting coordination. Delays also result in downtime, identified as one of the largest hidden costs to companies.

To help reduce the complexity and time it takes to move, EOI has developed the only one-stop solution for all relocation needs. In addition, our modular construction approach to interiors means that our moveable walls, glass walls, systems furniture, flooring, and plug-and-play cabling can be installed in a fraction of time of conventional construction. And because our glass walls anddividing walls are not structural permits are not required in most states. The result is greater simplicity, shorter relocation time and big boost to the bottom line!

Affordable, Green Office Space

Everyone is concerned about environmental responsibility, but knowing what is and what isn’t “environmentally friendly” as well as higher costs have made going green nearly impossible for tenants.

To help support environmental responsibility, EOI has developed a cost effective solution based on green building practices. The foundation of our program is a sustainable integrated approach to your interiors that can be recycled without ending up in landfill. Our movable walls, systems furniture, flooring, and plug-and-play cabling can be easily re-purposed for the next tenant at a fraction of the cost conventional construction.

MAI also adheres to the cradle-to-cradle life-cycle philosophy where materials are perpetually circulated in closed loops to maximize material value without damaging ecosystems. Our acoustical panels are filled with 100% post-consumer P.E.T., made from recycled soda bottles. Our products qualify for LEED® credits for new and existing buildings and are GREENGUARD® Certified. Best of all, your new green space can usually be done within the TI allowance!

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