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The most effective layout and design in terms of space, function, & cost.

One of the most important facets of relocation or remodeling is the office layout design. The proper office design solutions can have a positive impact on your employees’ performance and productivity. Because it is so important to the function and efficiency of an office, you should not trust just anyone with designing your business’s office. You need to call Extra Office Interiors to get a premier office design solutions in New Jersey, New York & Pennsylvania!

Our specialists will visit your space, consult with you to understand your needs and get a real feel for the office space before any changes are even suggested. We make sure all your needs are met and will never cut corners to ensure your space reflects your corporate culture. Utilizing a three-dimensional CAD system, we can create images of virtual offices to help you visualize your completed space before making any final decisions. Such a detailed tool gives you the opportunity to truly customize your office space, so it mirrors exactly what you were imagining. These tools, in combination with our vast experience in office layout design, will ensure that mistakes, revisions, and costs are minimized.

At EOI, we love to work directly with your team to be a part of the entire design process. We also understand that collaboration produces amazing results so we can work with an architect or design firm of your choice for the most effective layout and design in terms of space, function, & cost. If you want to learn more about our services and are looking to enhance your interior office space, contact us today!

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